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17 January 2012 @ 11:23 am
No One Together: A Vampire Diaries/Supernatural Crossover fanfic  

Once upon a time, saltzatore and I were wondering who taught Alaric how to find and kill vampires. This is the result of that conversation.

Title: No One Together

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries/Supernatural crossover
Author: pleasebekidding
Rating: T - NC-17, depending on the chapter
Characters/pairings: Alaric Saltzman/John Winchester, Alaric Saltzman/Damon Salvatore, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer
Word Count: 38,000 ish total
Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural nor the Vampire Diaries  belong to me. If they did, both would be a lot more porny.
Warnings: AU, graphic violence, sex
Summary: Once upon a time, Alaric Saltzman was impractical, and prone to making bad decisions. And then a vampire killed his wife. John Winchester was a legendary vampire hunter, and Alaric was desperate to learn.
A/N: John Winchester never died. Some other events are out of order. Also, if you can, play the greatest hits of Kansas while you read: instant road trip :o)
Story and chapter titles are from No One Together, by Kansas. Check it out.

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